Nearly 85,000 Google employees is protected against phishing by simple security keys

Google has confirmed that none of its 85,000 employees have suffered from the case of phishing since they started using security keys to log in since 2017 and the product is worth of only $20 gadget.

The Google says that, “We have had no reported or confirmed account takeovers since implementing security keys at Google”.

According to a security journalist, Brian Krebs said Google started using the security keys in the year 2017 and reported the success after the zero phishing case attempts.

The two-factor authentication is required by any company employees and for that the employees have to enter an additional data even after entering the password delivered by a text or through an app. This kind of authentication showed an average failure of 3% while the security keys have proved to be at the 0% failure rate.

However, Google employees were directed to use the security keys which allows to press the button directly even after entering the password by simply plugging in to the security keys and it proved to be a big success for a giant like Google.

The most common problem is to intact the sensitive information of each employees as any loopholes in the information will cost a bad breach to the company.

The Security Keys is used with the personal Gmail account and the models are compatible with USB, USB-C and mobile devices. In 2017, Google has partnered with the multiple industry groups and developed the security keys named as U2F. It is launched as an advanced protection program targeting Business leader, activists, journalists using YubiKey.


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