‘More than 70 lakh jobs were created in the formal sector’: PM Modi

For the first time, PM Modi himself hits back on opposition for the criticism faced for the job creation. In 2014 Lok Sabha election, PM Modi promised to create 10 million jobs a year but critics speaks continuously for the failure of the ruling government for the employment records.

In a recent interview to Swarajya magazine, Modi said that if states like West Bengal and Karnataka have created a huge numbers of jobs, then how it is possible that centre did not.

He said, “There is a lack of consistency in the political debate around job creation. We have put out by state governments on employment. For example, the previous Karnataka government claimed to have created 53 lakh jobs. The West Bengal government said it created 68 lakh jobs in the last term”.

He further added, “Now if states are all creating good numbers of jobs, is it possible that the country is not creating jobs? Is it possible that states are creating jobs but the centre is creating joblessness?”.

Backing the work of his government, PM said if India had around 66 lakh registered enterprises from independence till July 2017 but within a year, 48 Lakh new enterprises got registered which shows the status of the better jobs.

Coming to the construction projects, Modi claim that more than one crore houses have been constructed since last year and road construction has more than doubled per month with tremendous growth in railways, highways and airlines thus employing more people in equal proportions.

However, PM said that the main reason for the job creation is lack of data on jobs. Modi said, “I don’t blame our opponents for blaming us on issue of jobs. After all, no one has an accurate data on jobs. Our traditional matrix of measuring jobs is simply not good enough to measure new jobs in the new economy of New India”.


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