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More than 70 fires, gas explosions in US; 1 dead, 12 injured and hundreds evacuated

A shocking incident occurred at the three communities of Boston, Unites States on Thursday thus killing 1 person, 12 injured and compelling hundred other people to evacuate their homes due to more than 70 natural gas pipeline explosions of all a sudden.

The gas explosion left dozens of buildings demolished followed by which more than 50 firefighter departments rushed to the spot and took the immediate precaution steps for the further losses. The crew shut down the gas supply and cut down the electricity for prevent any further mishappening.

According to the fire investigation team, the gas explosions took place due to the over-pressurization of a gas in the pipeline and their ageing conditions. Those pipelines belongs to Columbia Gas of Massachusetts.

The main affected area by the gas explosions are mill towns of Lawrence, North Andover and Andover which is 25 miles away for the Massachusetts. The former head of the Hazardous Safety Agency, Brigham McCrown stated the incident as ‘unprecedented, at least in recent memory’.

He further added, “I can’t think of a series of natural gas-related incidents like this. We have had similar issues on a much smaller scale”.

gas explosions- international news-truecolumn
gas explosions- international news-truecolumn

Among the 13 injured person, some suffering from critical conditions has been transferred from Lawrence General hospital to Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.

The response fire team said that as they put off fire from one house, another started blazing high and said “This event is not over tonight. This event will probably go on”.

After the gas blast explosions, the local police immediately released an advisory to the residents to evacuate those homes connected with the Columbia gas connection and even to those who are not linked due to the planned power cuts.

The Columbia gas incident occurred six years after the gas explosion that took place in Springfield and Massachusetts thus killing 17 people with the property damage of $1.3 million.

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