Modi-Xi Jinping informal ‘heart-to-heart summit’, a banquet and a boat ride

Past midnight on Friday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi arrived at the Chinese city of Wuhan for the two-day informal heart-to-heart summit which will begin at 3.30 pm on Friday. During the meeting, Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping will exchange a range of bilateral and global importance and will also look at the developments of India-China relations on a long-term perspective.

PM Modi arrived at the beautiful Wuhan city in Central China for the two-day informal heart-to-heart submit with  Xi Jinping which will commence at 3.30 pm on Friday at the Hubei provincial Museum accompanied by the six top officials from both the sides each.

After the meeting both the top leaders will exchange their views at the Xi’s residence at Sprawling East Lake Guest House followed by the leaders’ walk. Later on, a grand dinner will be hosted for the PM Modi by the Chinese president Xi at the same Guest House. On Saturday, the Indian Prime Minister will have a boat ride with Xi Jinping followed by a lake side walk.

Rather than stressing on the formal bilateral talks, both the countries agreed for the informal talks as it aimed at ending decades of distrust between the two Asian giants.

According to the Chinese foreign Ministry spokesperson Lu Kang, “It can provide a comfortable atmosphere for the two countries’ leaders to have full and deep exchanges on important issues of mutual concern”.

However, experts hope for the positive outcomes as the result of the meeting as both India and China have gone through the critical issues like Doklam and other border questions.

Former ambassador of India to China Rajiv Bhatia talked about the informal heart-to-heart meeting that by saying that, “Both the countries have many differences, but this will change for sure. Questions like Doklam and other border questions are complex and old questions, but everything will be sorted out by sitting together”.

This is the fourth visit of PM Modi since he came to power in 2014. Modi will again visit China on June 9-10 to take part in the SCO summit to be held at Qingdao city.



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