Modi Government celebrates 4th anniversary, 56% satisfied with delivery of promises

As per the latest survey released, every 6 out of 10 persons believed that the Modi government is on the track to deliver the promises made earlier before the 2014 election in the manifesto. Nearly three-fourth backed the government to deal with the Pakistan while 54% said terrorism have been reduced significantly in Modi’s government.

According to the survey, “on the four-year mark, 56% citizens believe the government is on track to deliver the promises made in the pre-election manifesto, which is a slight slide from 59% in last year’s survey. Typically, the expectation from political establishments or the ruling party among citizens deteriorates very fast. This expectation percentage is similar to the approval ratings for US presidents and while it is falling every year, it is still in high digits for the Modi government”.

The main concerns emerging out in the survey is the unsuccessful effort by the government to reduce unemployment rate, unable to handle communalism related issues, crime against women and children and 23 areas where the cost of living is raised.

However, the positive aspects of GST are also seen in the report as the 32% agreed to spent less after the rolling out of GST while 60% confess to have no change after that.

The survey further added, “This means some form of price stabilisation has happened after GST and demonetisation, both of which had an inflationary component in them”.

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