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Minimum income gurantee akin to MANREGA: Rahul Gandhi

On Wednesday, the Congress president Rahul Gandhi reiterated his poll promise that every poor in India would be guaranteed minimum income akin to employment guaranteed under the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Act.

 While addressing the public meeting at the western Odisha town Rahul Gandhi said “We have taken a historic decision. People have been benefited by MANREGA. But the decision which we are taking is bigger than MGNREGA. Congress party has been working on a minimum income for all poor for five to six months.”

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi said he would give Rs. 17 per day to a farmer’s family. Congress will guarantee payment of minimum income to every poor in India. This income will be directly transferred to bank accounts of every poor.” said  Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi
Rahul Gandhi | National News

He also added in the statement that  “If Narendra Modi could write off loans amounting to Rs. 3,50,000 crore of 15 industrialists, Congress would make sure that minimum income would be credited into accounts of every poor. We will protect every poor. If you have the courage, then stop us from doing so and whole India will rise against you.” 

The Congress president reiterated his poll promises of crop loan waiver and revision of minimum support price to Rs. 2,600 per quintal of paddy to woo voters in western Odisha.

Rahul Gandhi had also assured that the land of poor and tribals would not be acquired without consulting with them and the land if acquired, would be returned back to them in the event of non-establishment of factories in five years.

During the visit to Odisha Rahul Gandhi also brought up an episode of Dana Majhi, a tribal man who walked 12 km carrying his wife’s body and accused Mr Patnaik of keeping mum and not apologising.

Rahul  Gandhi also reiterated his support to primitive Dongria Kandh tribals who were protesting against the proposed bauxite extraction from Niyamgiri Hill.

In 2008, the Congress president had held a rally in Kalahandi’s Lanjigarh, where alumina refinery of Vedanta Group is located. Dongria Kandhs, a primitive tribe, were opposing the proposal of extraction of bauxite from Niyamgiri Hill for the refinery.


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