Meet a coolie who cleared civil service written exam with the free railway wi-fi

Getting a government job isn’t easy now-a-days as the competition is increasing without any limit but fighting all the odds, a coolie from Kerala at Ernakulam Junction have cleared the written exam of Kerala Public Services Exam in the most uncommon way, thus giving hope for all those who think they can’t clear the government exams.

Meet Sreenath K who is a high school pass out and works as a coolie at the Ernakulam station for the past five years but never lose hope for a better life and have finally made it to the written exam of Kerala Public Services just with the help of the free Wi-Fi available at the railway station.

Speaking about his unusual experience Sreenath said, “I have appeared thrice for the exam and this is the first time I used the WIFI at the station”.

He further added, “What I do is put on my earphones and listen to the study material as I carry the luggage or solve questionnaires in my mind. This way I can study while I work. I revise all my work at night when I get free time”.

Sreenath has cleared the preliminary level of the exam and has to clear for the interview and If he will clear that too, he will be designated as the village field assistant.

 Speaking about the future plans, Sreenath said, “I will keep studying. While I work as a coolie because I have the pressure of running my house, I will keep studying and appearing for exams. If I appear for enough exams, I am bound to get a good job”.

Studying on one of the busiest place like railway station is not an easy task but Sreenath has finally proven that if you put your mind on anything, you will definitely reach the place where you want to be.

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