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Malaysian Hindu temple gets dazzling complex colours makeover, disturbs originality, says government

One of the famous Malaysian Hindu temple gets a dazzling colours makeover for creating excitement among the visitors but the government officials gets angry by saying that it disturbs originality.

Located on the limestone hills of Kuala lumpur, Batu Caves Complex is famous  among the Malaysia’s ethnic Hindu minority groups and with have the  significance of climbing the 272 stairs to reach the Hindu temple.

To make the journey of the stairs interesting and less tiring, Batu Caves is coloured with multi-bright colours to celebrate a Hindu ritual which occurs in every 12 years.

Unaware of the fact that the heritage department of Malaysia might find it disturbing, the Hindu temple committee didn’t seek permission from them and paint the steps but later on find themselves in trouble.

The deputy cultural minister Muhammad Bakhtiar Wan Chik said that he was ‘very disappointed’ with the temple’s move to colour the stairs as it “disturbed the harmony, integrity and originality of Batu Caves”.

The minister feared that the step might make the temple to lose its heritage site tag and warned the other authorities to take the consent before going for any renovation works. Despite of the negative reactions from the authorities, tourists visiting the Hindu temple feels it out of ordinary.

One of the visitor said that, “So may colours, so many people in such a beautiful place, it feels you’re in India, not in Malaysia”.

Batu Caves is well-known for the Thaipusam festival held every year when massive crowds gathered together and pierce their bodies with hooks and Skewers to showcase their devotion for the lord Murugan.





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