Lokayukta Judge P Vishwanatha Shetty stabbed in office, accused Tejas Sharma held

On Wednesday afternoon, a shocking incident took place inside the Karnataka’s  Lokayukta Shetty’s cabin when a man named Tejas Sharma, an advocate as per the records in the entry in the register.

The man entered inside the premises at 1.45 pm by completing the full information regarding name, profession, location after which he presented a visited card to the Shetty’s staff. He was called inside the cabin of Shetty at 2 pm.

Few minutes later, Shetty started shouting loud following which the staff immediately run inside and found the Judge Shetty lying down with blood all around.

Defending himself, the accused also tried to stab the staff members, but they escaped and make others  alert. However, he was nabbed and handed to the local police.

severely injured, the Judge was shifted to Mallya hospital with the critical condition. The knife used for stabbing the Judge is still in the body.

Medical administrator of the Mallya hospital, Dr Humera sayeeba said, “His vitals are stable. We are still doing a CT Thorax Abdomen. Our general surgeon Dr Prakash Babu is treating him”.

Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah ordered a high-level enquiry having doubt that the man had come to kill Mr. Shetty and directed Director General and Inspector General to check if there is any lapse in the security management as the gunmen was outside the office when the man stabbed the Judge.


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