Living devils around us, 18 arrested for sexually assaulting 11-year-old girl for seven months

Cases of rape and sexual assault have become a common news to be heard by anyone today but instead of getting it in control, it is becoming more pathetic day-by-day with each incident going beyond the reach of anybody’s normal thought. The same happens now when humanity bend down its knees with the brutal and worst case happened to a little girl with hearing disorder who has been sexually assaulted by the more than 18 devils in Chennai.

Investigators have arrested 18 of the criminals and is looking for the others involved in the crime.

The officer said, “This continued till the girl on Saturday told her older sister, a college student on a visit home from Delhi, about the trauma she was going through. The sister informed their parents, who filed a complaint with the Ayanavaram all women police”.

The girl said to police that the incident started seven months ago when she was taken away after her school by Ravi Kumar, 66 an elevator operator in a largely unoccupied 300-flat complex and sexually assaulted her. After three days, she was again brought in the same place but this time, the number of men increases who not only raped her but videotaped the whole crime.

However, they don’t stop here and invited many other to sexually assault the little soul repeatedly.

The identified suspects include all the employees of the same complex like the plumbers, electricians, housekeeper, gardener and elevator operators.

Officer added, “Ravi would lead away the child as soon as she alighted from her school van to the basement, public washrooms, the terrace and gym, where he and his accomplices raped her. Many of the flats were vacant so the suspects had little hinderance while committing the crime”.

The girl’s mother who is a home maker was unknown by the condition of the girl and thought that her daughter would be playing with her friends when she came home late from school. Her father was away at work through most of the days.

POSCO act was filed against all the 18 arrested and girl’s statement was recorded in a Mahila court. All the evidence including the syringes used for injecting drugs into the girl and empty soft drink bottles were seized and proceeded to forensics laboratory for the further investigation.

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