Kolkata affected with a new virus- hMPV

In Kolkata, an explosion of a new virus named human hMPV or metapneumo is a cause of fever, body ache and lungs related issues to more than hundred people in the state. The reason of the virus is that it is triggered by a sudden
unexpected drop-down in the temperature and spreads through sneezing in the open air.

Things to be kept in mind
People in Kolkata are advised to take care of them from the viral illness and keep the following things in the mind

The viral spreads through a cough, cold and sneezes droplets and it basically generates by a sudden drop in the temperature.

The symptom of the hMPV is the patient has body ache, high fever and breath-related issues and tiredness.

Find more detail on Human metapneumovirus (hMPV)

  • hMPV is a solitary negative-stranded RNA-enveloped virus.
  • It is categorized in the Paramyxoviridae family and subfamily Pneumovirinae.
  • People who having lungs or breath related issues such as emphysema, COPD, and asthma are more likely to get infected by the virus.
  • There is no treatment or vaccine discovered yet for the cure from the metapneumovirus.

As we all know precaution is better than the cure, so take care of yourself and your family who are in Kolkata.

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