Key highlights of World Cup 2018: England, Crotia will fight for final spot

Crotia is celebrating its first ever place to fight for the final spot in the FIFA world cup 2018 while England is hoping to grab the title ever since 1966. Both the teams will clash for the finals at Luzhniki Stadium on Wednesday.

England has finally made it to the semi-final after defeating Sweden on Saturday while Crotia reached the spot by overcoming Hosts Russia with penalties.

Midfielder Dele Alli praised the squad and said, “We had to believe and we know how talented we are as a squad. We know we have some unbelievable players and a great manager and everyone is clear on what we want to do”.

He added further, “when we have such a solid foundation, you have the basics and clear understanding of what we want to do and achieve, it’s not a surprise that it’s going well for us”.

Crotia head Southgate appreciate his team players as they have the potential to be bigger hero’s despite of the legendary players like Bobby Moore and Bobby Charlton in the opposite team.

In the England team, Captain Harry kane is on the top spot with six goal in hand followed by the Lukaku with four goals and Griezmann and Mbappe with three goals each.

Crotia player Andrej Kramaric says England team lack of superstar that makes them a cohesive team. He said, “England was one of the favourites for me for the tournament because they have a young and hungry team with no big, international stars, so it won’t be easy for us”.




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