Karnataka Election: PM to address 224 party candidates by two-way communication digitally

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced the campaign schedule for the upcoming Karnataka Assembly Election that will held on May 12. However, along with holding campaigns for the election and keeping Digital India initiative forward, Modi will interact today with 224 Party candidates through NaMo app and it will start from 9 am. He will not only address them but will also hear them.

BJP spokesperson Malavika Avinash said, “The PM will interact with all the 224 party candidates (in Kanataka). He will not only address them but will also hear them. It is going to be a two-way communication”.

The basic idea behind the interaction is to boost the confidence of all the party members including party candidates, legislators, MPs and office bearers in karnataka ahead of the coming elections.

Balaji Srinivas, BJP’s social media cell convenor and a former techie briefed about the interaction saying that the participants will come from various places.

He further added, “We are all set to host the interaction. The participants will join the call from various places and the Prime Minister will address them from New Delhi”.

“we have helped install apps in mobile handsets and ensured that all 1500 participants have it. This is a first of its kind exercise and will go a long way in boosting the confidence of candidates and party workers”.

Talking about the BJP’s social media activities, the party is flourishing everyday digitally as there are 20,000 WhatsApp groups only in the limited area of Bengaluru, Udipi, Dakshina Kannada and Mumbai-Karnataka districts where party members interact with each other.

Talking to the Party members, Pm Modi said, “BJP has given precedence to development over politics. With this in focus, we fight elections, run the government. I know that earlier government used to avoid talking about development because it is measurable”.

However, besides initiating the campaign today, PM Modi will start to hold the campaign rallies in various parts of the state from May 1. As per the source, he will address about 15 public meetings, but party is yet to release the details on PM’s programmes.

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