Karnataka election 2018: PM Modi called Rahul Gandhi as “immature” and “liar”

With just two days left in the Karnataka election, both the major parties are running intense campaign to get the perfect climax at any cost. While addressing a rally at Karnataka’s Bangapret, Prime Minister Narendra Modi called Rahul Gandhi as ‘immature’ and ‘liar’ for different reasons. He further added that the congress party is suffering from ‘6C diseases’.

PM Modi state that congress chief Rahul Gandhi claimed prime ministerial ambitions as ‘naamdaar’ post which shows his arrogance as he is ‘immature’ and the ambition of Prime Minister have holes ahead of the 2019 general elections.

Calling Rahul Gandhi as liar, Modi said that the congress had weaved a lie that once BJP will come into power they will abolish the reservation system, but did reservation been abolished even after Atal Bihari Vijpayeen has been the prime minister thrice.

While addressing the rally in Bangapet, PM claim that the ruling Congress government has ruined democracy in Karnataka and they are suffering from ‘6C diseases’ that is a congress culture in itself, communalism, corruption, casteism, crime and contractor system.

Meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi started today’s rally by offering prayers at Dodda Ganapati temple in Bengaluru’s Basavanagudi and will hold a road show later in Basavanagudi after which he will proceed to a garment factory where he will interact with women workers at Hosur Road.

Rahul Gandhi’s party member and Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah have refused to comment on the seizure of 9,746 voter ID card by the election commission and said that, “It is an election commission’s job to investigate. I don not have to say anything about it. Congress is constantly under surveillance of the BJP government”.

He further added, “This is the 12th time I am fighting elections, but for the first time, these raids are being conducted at the time of elections. They are misusing government machinery”.


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