Kapoor family confirms sale of iconic RK Studio, confirmed by Rishi Kapoor

The iconic RK Studio built by the legendary Bollywood actor Raj Kapoor will go on the sale soon as confirmed by Rishi Kapoor family recently. The RK Studio is well-known for the iconic songs like Pyaar Hua Ikraar Hua, Mera Juta Hai Japani and Mud Mud ke Naa Dekh.

Rishi Kapoor in an interview with Mumbai Mirror told that Kapoor family had initially struggling for the renovation of the RK studio but later on decided to sale it as that would yield more profit than going for the rebuilding work.

RK Studio was started long back in 1948 at the Suburbs of Chembur and was named after the great showman Raj Kapoor. It was known as the head quarter of the film production company RK Films.

The first movie shoot in RK Studio was Aag which did not go well but the second movie Barsaat starring the big stars like Raj Kapoor and Nargis proved to be a superhit as a result of which one of the scene from Barsaat was designed to reflect the company’s logo.

After that, the studio never looked back and give the long que of blockbuster movies like Awaara in 1951, Boot Polish in 1954, Shri 420 in 1955, jaagte Raho in 1956 and many more.

However, on September 16 last year, RK Studio suffered a huge loss when a fire broke out thus making it a loss-making business for the renovation works as they are bearing the earlier loss burdens too.

Kapoor family has always been emotionally connected to the RK Studio as when the fire tragedy broke out as Rishi Kapoor just after that wrote, “A studio can be built again but the loss of the irreplaceable memorabilia and costumes of all RK films is tragic for all. Fire took it away”.

Kareena Kapoor not so familiar with the sale proceedings of the studio told to media that, “I don’t know how far what is actually happening. In fact, I have been quiet under the weather and I Haven’t even met my father in the last four or five days. But of course, we have all grown up walking around in those corridors”.

She added further, “I think it’s probably something that the family has decided, so it’s up to my father, his brothers and up to them. if that’s what they have decided, so be it”.

Kapoor family has appointed a team who will take care of all the negotiation work with the interested buyers of the RK studio.


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