Kapil Dev hope Imran khan to do good jobs, more challenges ahead for n

Pakistan’s Tehrik-e-Insaf party emerged as the new ruling party of Pakistan yesterday by defeating Nawaz Sharif led Pakistan Muslim League as a result of which the new leader and former cricketer Imran Khan is getting wishes from all over the world including his Indian field rival Kapil Dev. With the victory, Imran khan is all set to face the challenges coming on its way.

Kapil Dev is happy to see his contemporary as the new PM and said, “I’m very happy for him. I hope he manages Pakistan the way he managed the cricket team as a captain”.

He further added, “I think country is more important than cricket. Let’s hope India and Imran’s government can sort out bigger issues and bring peace to the region.  I think cricket will happen. He should focus on bringing in more harmony between the two countries”.

The former cricketer and 1992 world cup victory icon, Imran Khan will face the heap of challenges now with the crown of triumph. At the initial level, he has to make sure to build up healthy relations with the military forces who supported him during his campaign period.

To bind up the divided county would be another challenge for Imran Khan as unlikely the past, he will not have to act like the junior partner of the military but the key decision-maker for the welfare pf the country.

The new PM has to tackle Pakistan’s external deficit which is dwindling with its foreign exchange reserves. He has to uplift the depreciative value of the Pakistan’s currency.

The major role by the ruling government would be seen as positive when the opposition parties will limit their outrage of the election result and play their role in parliamentary politics so that the ruling government would focus on the above mentioned challenges.

With the result of the election, it is clear that water will not be calmer for Imran Khan and everyone is looking forward the way he will tackle the Pakistan’s turbulent politics.

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