Kabul: Twin suicide bombings kills 25 people and left wounded 45 at the city centre

On Monday morning, twin suicide bombings hit the kabul’s capital thereby killing 25 people including a journalist and wounded at least 45 others. The first blast took place near the NDS intelligence service building and the second one was targeted to a group of journalists.

The chief photographer of the Agence France-Presse in Kabul, Shah Marai died in the second explosion. However, his companion was slightly hurt by the flying shrapnel.

The new agency confirmed the news of the dead photographer by the twitter where they said that, “He died in a blast that was targeting a group of journalists who had rushed to the scene of a suicide attack in the Afghan capital”.

The first bomb blast took place at the Shashdarak area nearby the building belonging to the NDS intelligence service. In the primary investigation, it was believed to be a suicide attack where a motorcycle was used, and the second attack immediately took after within 30 minutes.

In the second bomb blast, the bomber falsified himself as a cameraman by having a camera in his hands and later on dropped his explosion right after the dead cameraman.

A police officer said, “After the first suicide attack in which a motorcycle was used, a second bomber after 30 minutes, with a camera pretending as a journalist detonated his explosive right amongst the cameramen and reporters and rescue workers”.

The twin bomb blast came a week of another major blast at a voter registration centre in west of the city killing at least 60 people.


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