Japan’s Typhoon Jebi Kills 9, PM Shinzo Abe releases Evacuation advisoryJapan’s Typhoon Jebi Kills 9, PM Shinzo Abe releases Evacuation advisory

The most powerful Typhoon Jebi which hits the central parts of japan kills 9 people till Wednesday along with stranding more than 1000 people at the major airport due to heavy damage. seeing the heavy damage, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has ordered his government to take every possible steps to protect the residents.

PM said, “I urge the Japanese people to take action to protect your lives, including preparing and evacuating early”.

The terrible typhoon Jebi hits the West coast of Japan at Tuesday afternoon with the speed of 216 kilometres followed by heavy rain.

With everyone’s amaze, Typhoon Jebi has done all the possible damage from turning down the running vehicles on the road, flushing the bridge thus cutting down the major island Airport from the main area and breaking the dams due to danger level of water in the water bodies.

The rescue operation was started from the early Wednesday morning by evacuating the people from the airport and sending to nearby Kobe. All the flight services were stopped and there was no sign of reopening it very soon due to heavy damage.


At the time of Typhoon Jibe, there was a complete blackout at the airport. Among the injured people, the majorily were hit by flying debris by the strong influence of the storm.

The Fire and Disaster Management Agency has released an advisory to more than 1.22 million people with additional 29,600 people with not mandatory but under strong influence of Typhoon soon.

The Authorities have further stressed to leave their home as soon as possible by taking the warning seriously. More than 2.3 million households, factories and industries experience the complete blackouts as the storm hits the country.


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