Japan Earthquake: 3 dead including 9yr-old, industries and train services stopped

Three people including a 9-yr old girl and two in their 80’s was confirmed dead including more than 100 injured as the earthquake struck with the 6.1 scale on the parts of Japan ‘s industrial heartland Osaka thus halting all the industrial areas and train services in the region.

The earthquake hit at around 7.58 am local time and causes heavy damage to nearly 13 km area. The shaking was recorded as the strongest one since 1923 in the Osaka. However, no fear of the Tsunami was there as the centre of the earthquake was centred inland.

The train services including the bullet trains joining the areas of Osaka to Tokyo was stopped as an immediate action of the earthquake and power cut off more than 1,70,000 homes come into action. No abnormalities were recorded in the nuclear plant of the region.

The strong aftershock forced the train passengers to move far away from the train routes and the school children moving out of the school buildings for the precautionary evacuations. The underground pipelines were also busted thus creating flood conditions all around.

Kate Kilatrick, 19 who is staying in a hotel at Osaka shared her shocking experience of the earthquake. She said, “We were sleeping and it woke us up abruptly. It was so terrifying because this is my first earthquake. I thought it was a nightmare because I was so confused. The whole world was aggressively shaking”.

Osaka is the home to the major leading industries of the world including automaker Honda Motor Co., Mitsubishi Motors Corp., Toyota Motor Corp., Panasonic Corp and Keyence Corp. The work at the cosmetic maker Sheiseido Corp., Industrial machinery maker Kubato Corp and JXTG Energy refinery were also halted due to the quake.

Meteorological Department has warned that aftershock of the earthquake can likely to occur for the next two to three days. Osaka is to host the 2018’s Group of 20 summit. In 2016, Japan was shaken by the earthquake that hit with the magnitude of 7 at the southern Kumamoto region causing significant damage and multiple causalities.



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