Italian PM declare one year state of emergency after Genoa Bridge collapse

Italian PM Giuseppe declares one year state of emergency after 39 people killed with 15 others injured in the collapse of Genoa highway Bridge. About 10,000 rescue workers with 400 firefighters were involved in the rehabilitation work to bring the situation under control.

Indian political parties are blaming the private company who are responsible for the maintenance of the Genoa Highway bridge. Deputy PM Luigi Di Maio clearly said that, “Those responsible for the Genoa tragedy have a name and surname, and they are Autostarde per I’Italia”.

He added, “We have one of the biggest dealers in Europe that tells us that the bridge was safe and there was no way to imagine the collapse. Autostarde had to do the maintenance and did not do it”.

About 35 cars with three trucks were travelling on the road when the Genoa highway Bridge collapsed and they slip down at some 150 feet on the industrial area of the northern maritime city while some vehicles lands into the railway lines and some on the river waterways.

Seeing the further danger, officials ordered to evacuate the other buildings in the nearby areas as other sections of the bridge could fall in future.

Rescue workers struggled through the tons of concrete and steel to search for the survivors and victims. The bridge was opened in 1967 and it connects Genoa to France after being named by the designer Riccardo Morandi.

According to a news report, “Restructuring work on the bridge was carried out in 2016. The highway operator said work to strengthen the road foundations of the bridge was carried out at the time of the collapse, and that the bridge was constantly monitored”.

The death toll may increase as unknown number of people are still missing. The exact cause of the Genoa highway Bridge tragedy might take place weeks or months to be determined.


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