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Is it true? Legendary footballer Cristiano Ronaldo donated 77 crore to Kerala flood victims

Kerala is still in the shock of the worst hit flood claiming numerous lives as the recovery process has been started. Helping hands from all over India as well as from the world step forward to help those affected by the tragedy. Among those, rumours about the contribution of Rs 77 crore from legendary Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo is going viral on the social media.

The pathetic situation of the people in Kerala right now has affecting many people around the world and they are giving their best to support the homeless by providing every possible help. Famous football clubs like Liverpool and Spanish club Barcelona have also render their hands to those affected by the flood.

Later on, a rumour flashed on twitter that Ronaldo has contributed of USD 1.2 million (Rs 77 crore) to the Kerala flood victims. It all started when one of the fan requested Ronaldo to help the people of Kerala and soon it was followed by another tweet that he had made a significant amount of help to the victims of flood.

While many said that the donation made was kept secret, there was other rumours that it is a false news. One of the users said on twitter that, “Another day another instance where Ronaldo won our hearts. Donated 77 crore towards Kerala Flood relief. And our own Modiji announced 100 crore after areal survey. What a gesture”.

Hence, it has not been confirmed yet by Ronaldo or his Charitable organisation about the contribution to the Kerala flood victim but tweets grows in thousands assuming the reality behind it.

However, football club Liverpool FC asked their fans to help the victims by saying that, “Dear Reds, Kerala is going through one of its biggest natural disasters in its history. We are doing our best to help the people in need. It would be great if you all can spread the message and donate”.

Flood in Kerala has claimed the lives of more than 300 people thus making 10,000 people homeless. About 1,500 relief camps have been set up in different parts of the state.


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