Inventor of Vacuum cleaner, Hubert Cecil Booth remembered by Google Doodle on 147th birthday

Unlike the past, cleaning your house or office place have become almost an easy task and it takes few minutes to get a shiny floor but have you ever thought when it was all started when a machine replaces man for cleaning chores. The inspiration comes back in 1901 when Hubert Cecil Booth was attending a demonstration of American machines that was cleaning the dirt by blowing air thus making it a messy affair instead.

Despite of going with the flow, he thought of something that would suck up the dust and leaves nothing behind. However, initially he sold the Vacuum Cleaner to a cleaning services and later on in 1903, he founded the British Vacuum Cleaner Company.

The company worked on the first design named as ‘Puffing Billy’ attached with an engine that had to be pulled by the horses parked outside the house to be cleaned.

The cleaner company sent their experts in a bright red van with company’s uniforms. The services were soon embraced by common people and the British royal family. However, the Royal Navy improve the level of sanitation in the naval barracks with the help of Booth’s company.

Not only in the field of cleaning, Booth marked his talent in building bridges, designed engines for the Royal Navy battleships and ferris wheels in England, France and Austria.


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