Intercontinental Cup 2018: Beside Sunil Chhetri goal, New Zealand emerges as the winners

Despite Indian Skipper Sunil Chhetri made a goal at the 47th minute in the Intercontinental Cup 2018 match against New Zealand but couldn’t make up to make a hattrick after winning against Kenya and Chinese Taipei.

The Indian captain who was playing his 101st match made his 62nd international goal and that too goes in vain.

However, the New Zealand team emerged as the deserving winner as De Jong slipped away the ball from Sarpreet Singh and give a sharp turn thus ending up the ball into the right corner of the net. The second chance for the kiwis came in the 13th minute when right back Justin Gulley crossed the ball in a tight angle to Andre De Jong, whose header went above the crossbar.

The second gaol from the New Zealand team came at the 86th minute when Moses Dyer give a wining goal to the team.

In spite of the last match loss, India is still in the position to qualify for the finals played on 10 June but if Kenya Beat Chinese Taipei on the next match, then all the three team- India, Chinese Taipei and Kenya have the three points in the hand and the overall goal difference will decide the fate of all the teams.

As India has the significant difference of 7 plus against New Zealand, they have the big chance to make it to the finals.




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