Indonesia Earthquake effect: Over 500 trekkers stranded on Active volcano

Over 500 trekkers with their guide remain stranded on an active volcano on Indonesia, Lombok as an after effect of powerful 6.4 earthquake that occur on early Sunday leaving 14 dead and 162 injured.

Rescue operations were being carried out with the helicopters and search teams were active on the slopes of Mount Rinjani as rescuers have dropped the packets of food to those stranded spots.

According to an estimate, 560 people are still trapped and those includes from the countries like France, Netherland, Thailand, Germany, United States and many others.

The Lombok area was shaken badly by the earthquake that occurred on an early morning of Sunday on the holiday island. Hundreds of buildings were destroyed and the locals with the tourists were forced to run out their homes and hotels.

As per the rescue agency, the stranded people can survive for another two days as food supplies have been provided to them.

Mount Rinjani is the second tallest volcano of the Indonesia with the height of 3,726 meters and is one of the among favourite-sightseeing spots.

The main spots for the earthquake was 50 Km north-east of Lombok’s main city Mataram. The initial quake was followed by the two major secondary quakes.

About 5,141 people are staying in the temporary accommodations in the absence of the clean water and President Joko Widodo promised the financial support to those effected by the quake.

He said, “We must be aware that our country is in the ring of fire, so people need to be prepared to face any disaster”.

Indonesia is known as one of the most disaster-prone locations due to tectonic plates which collides usually with each other thus making Earthquake a frequent issue.

In 2004, a tsunami of magnitude 9.3 across the western Indonesia killed more than 1,68000 people in Indonesia including 22000 people as a total in countries around Indian Ocean.

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