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India to get its first National War Memorial

On Monday, India will get the new internal flames when Narendra Modi will inaugurate the National War Memorial in the national capital. This memorial is India’s first national memorial will be dedicated to the soldiers who made the supreme sacrifice since 1947.

The National War Memorial is spread over 40 acres in the India Gate complex behind the canopy.

The memorial is dedicated to soldiers who were killed during the Indo-China War in 1962, Indo-Pak Wars in 1947, 1965 and 1971, Indian Peace Keeping Force Operations in Sri Lanka and in the Kargil Conflict in 1999, and also those in the UN peacekeeping missions.

The names of 25,942 battle casualties have been inscribed across 16 walls at the national memorial.

National War Memorial
National War Memorial | National News

According to the official, the National War Memorial complex will include a central obelisk, an eternal flame, and six bronze murals depicting famous battles fought by Indian Army, Air Force and Navy.

The layout of the National War Memorial will be comprised of four concentric circles, namely, the ‘Amar Chakra’ or Circle of Immortality, the ‘Veerta Chakra’ or Circle of Bravery, the ‘Tyag Chakra’ or Circle of Sacrifice, and the ‘Rakshak Chakra’ or Circle of Protection.

The sculpture of the 21 awardees of Param Veer Chakra has been installed at Param Yoddha Sthal which includes three living awardees Sub Major (Hony Capt) Bana Singh (Retd), Sub Major Yogendra Singh Yadav and Sub Sanjay Kumar have been installed in the National War Memorial.

The Tyag Chakra and the  Rakshak chakra are made up of 16 walls with granite bricks. Each brick has a name of a soldier, his ID, regiment and rank.

The memorial will also have the retreat ceremony daily, which is expected to become a major attraction for the visitors.

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