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India to be fit and become sports-playing nation: Says Sachin Tendulkar

Cricket Legend Sachin Tendulkar said on Sunday that “India is a sports-loving nation”, and also marked the importance of becoming a sport -playing country. Sachin Tendulkar introduced the new initiative “Sparkling the Future “of DBS bank at a TMC school in Mumbai area for the children. Under the initiative, solar-powered floodlights have been installed at the ground to enable the children to play at night.

Sachin Tendulkar | Sports News Cricket Today
Sachin Tendulkar | Sports News Cricket Today

While addressing a large number of students Tendulkar highlighted the need to make a change in the lifestyle of the people so that the country can become a healthier nation. And he has also given another message that he wants India to be a young and fit nation.

He also said that India is not the healthiest or the fittest nation, because if that had been the case, we would not be the diabetes capital. We are the diabetic capital of the world and he also said that as far as the obesity is concerned India is on the 3rd position, so Indian people have to change their lifestyle so that people can remain fit and India would be the healthiest country.

He also noted that India is a sports-loving nation and it is also important to become a sport playing nation. He also said that he will tell children as well as their parents to spend time with them and also to play with them, this will create a good relationship between them.

Quoting his own example he said that “I would tell the students to find out the areas of their passion in which they are interested. And like what I did, I chased my dream and I will give you one advice, chase your dream because dream come true” Tendulkar said.

“Sachin also said that cricket has taught him a lot and has given him a lot in his life.”

City Mayor Meenakshi Shinde and the senior official of Thane Municipal corporation were also present on the occasion.

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