India slips down to 81th rank: Corruption perception index

India has drop to 81th rank compare to previous year’s 79th rank on the ‘corruption perception index’. The index is released by the Transparency International in which India score 40 out of 100.

The nation is considered as ‘seriously corrupt’ if it scores below 30.

The main reason behind the low ranking of India is the addition of the new country – Vanuatu and the comparative more better efforts by the other countries.

This is a setback to the Modi Government who claims agenda of cracking down corruption.

India has also been listed as “among the worst regional offenders” in the Asia Pacific region which is a concern for the country. The reason is the law enforcement, murder of journalist, activists and watchdog agencies.

Philippines and Maldives are together in the same position with India in the Index.

Countries like Pakistan and Russia were more corrupt than India. While Pakistan score 32 (117th rank), Russia score only 29 in the list. In the Indian subcontinent country, Bhutan was ranked to the least corrupt country with a score of 67 out of 100 in the index and grab 26th spot while Bangladesh scores worst with just 28 out of 100 and with 143rd rank in the list.

The best performing region is Western Europe with an average score of 66 while the index was topped by New Zealand with 89 score followed by Denmark with 88 score.

Countries like Senegal and the United Kingdom improves in the list while like Syria, Yemen and Australia declines.

The Transparency International reports should be a concern for the Modi government as this is one of the main agenda for the upcoming election in 2019. In 2014, when the government came in the front, promise of clean governance was top on the list.


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