Incredible Indian heroes who are trying their hard to save the environment

Every year June 5 is celebrated as the World Environment day as designated by the United Nations (UN) and this year, India will host it with the theme ‘Beat Plastic Pollution’. Like every year, in order to create the awareness about making a clean and safer environment to live in, uncountable speeches will be delivered today and later on, oaths will be taken to work for the betterment for our surroundings but is it really implemented on the ground level reality.

Despite all this, there are some incredible Indian heroes who don’t need recognition for their work. All they need is to live in a better future unlike the present situations and give their future generation a much healthier surroundings. Although they are higher qualified and can sit in a comfortable chair earning a sound money, but they choose to struggle harder for a selfless cause.

To live in an isolated place with greenery all around equipped with all the facilities at hand is a dream life for all those living in the congested urban areas but a Kerala family instead of accusing the over-pollution and congestion worked tirelessly to create their own dream village.

 Mohan Chavara who is a sculptor with his wife Rukimini, a school principal and their daughters adopted organic way of life, fending and growing food for themselves. They have inspired other 14 families, and everyone lives in the mud house, have their own goats, cows and fruit trees.

Shubhendu Sharma, who quits his high-paying engineer job and started a new company who created 48 forest within the period of 4 years. He uses Miyawaki methodology to grow the saplings and makes self-sustainable forest within a couple of years.

Everyone loves chilling on the beaches but hardly few dares to concern for its cleanliness unlike Afroz Shah who is a Mumbai lawyer and has initiated his efforts with a cleanliness drive on the Versova beach, Mumbai in 2015. This cleanliness drive is the biggest beach clean-up drive in the world and within 85 weeks, they managed to clean 5 million freakin kgs of garbage, plastics changing the face of the beach.

The dry and infertile land of Ladakh was made as a pool for the water because of the Chewang Norphel, 79 years old also known as the ‘Ice Man’ who uses the simple technique to let the water flow without any break and froze in the form of an ice sheet as it comes with the contact of the ground and hence made a pool.

Anil Malhotra and his wife Pamela Gale Malhotra have given their 26 years for replanting a forest and protecting wildlife in an abandoned land at the Kodagu district which is the home of more than 200 globally endangered species of plants, Asian elephants and Bengal tigers.

These people are the real heroes who spent their energy, time and resources for the well-being of the nature.


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