Incredible 2 breaks all record, becomes the most successful animated movie in India, North America

Incredible 2 has ruled the Animated International and domestic movie market by collecting $500 million in North America and crossed $268.4 million in other markets.

In India, Incredible has secured first position in the list of the successful animation movies by surpassing Kung Fu Panda 3 who has earned Rs 22.12 crore.

In north America, Incredible 2 has done an outstanding job by replacing Finding Dory as the highest grossing animation movie of all-time. It has occupied the 84th position in the list of highest grossing film worldwide with the collection of $772.8 million.

Ruling continuously in the row, Disney has emerged as the third biggest movie after Avenger: Infinity War that raked $672.5 million and Black panther racking $699.8 million.

Incredible 2 is yet to be launched in the other markets and aspire to become the highest grossing Pixar release worldwide as against Toy Story 3 which has collected $1 billion earlier.

Strangely, the animated movie is going smoothly in the Indian market despite of the big releases like Race 3 and Sanju. Incredible 2 was released on June 22 and has earned Rs 3.85 crore till date. It was released with 1000 screens and within first weekend, the movie has collected Rs 17.85 crore.

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