Imran Khan denied living in PM house, announced 21 member cabinet

Pakistan’s new CM Imran Khan denied living in grand PM house and instead prefer to live in the secretary’s three-bedroom house to cut country’s as well as his own expenditure and He has finally announced his 21 member cabinet comprising majority of holding posts in Pervez Musharraf’s cabinet.

Imran Khan said out of 524 servants assigned to PM, he will keep only 2 of them and among 33 bullet proofs cars only 2 cars will be kept seeing the threat to his life by the intelligence agency.

Khan said, “I will keep two people with me out of the 524. I will be staying in a three-bedroom house. I will keep two of the cars because my intelligence agencies tell me my life is under threat. I wish I did not have to move out of Banigala, but I have been forced to do so”.

Imran Khan further questioned on the money spent on the foreign tours. He said, “Look at how we live. Look at how much money I spent by Prime Minister on foreign tours? Where do these spend Rs 650 million? Where does the speaker spend the Rs 160 million budget allotted to him? Are they going abroad to conquer land”.

Besides the 2 cars, other cars will be auctioned to the businessman and the money will be gathered in the state treasury.

Imran Khan’s spokesman Fawad Chaudhry shared the list of the ministers selected in the cabinet according to which Shah Mahmood Qureshi has been appointed as the foreign minister while the defence minister position is assigned to Pervaiz Kahttar and Asad Umer as finance minister.

The Railway Ministry is given to Sheikh Rashid who is from Rawalpandi and it is the same portfolio he had hold under Musharraf’s rule. Shireen Mazari, Zubaida Jalal and Fehmida Mirza are the women included in Imran Kahn’s cabinet.

Among the 21 ministers, 12 had already served the country under the General Musharraf’s cabinet and they will the take the oath tomorrow at President Mamnoon Hussain’s house (Aiwan-e-Sadr) in a simple ceremony.



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