‘If congress is in power for more days, they will even take away pillows from your house’, says PM

With just six days left for the Karnataka Assembly Election 2018, the BJP, JD(S) and congress are trying their best to woo the voters. Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday while addressing one of the rallies among the 21 public rallies schedule slammed the Congress Govt by saying that the ruling govt started implementing the schemes just after the announcement of the election.

He said, “while implementing the scheme under which an Adivasi hostel in Chitradurga was supposed to get beds, the minister took his cuts. If they are in power for more days, they will even take away the pillows from your house”.

While on Monday, Modi addresses the party worker where he strictly criticized the violence in democracy and said that when a person doesn’t have the courage to speak the truth and loses faith in himself, he chosses the path of violence.

Modi promises the youth to establish 60 BPO complexes and five world-class sports centres after the BJP government in Karnataka.

Praising the youth of Karnataka for proving their “mettle in all fields”, he said, “After coming to power, BJP will establish 60 state-of-the-art Namma BPO complexes across Karnataka and a corpus of Rs 250 Crore for low interest loans to encourage local entrepreneurs to set up BPO business”.

However, hitting back to the BJP government, Karnataka Chief Minister Siddaramaiah said the election fight is with Yeddyurappa and not Modi.

CM tweeted, “I challenge him (Yeddyurappa) to an open debate on issues on a single platform. Will he accept? Modi is also welcome”.

Siddaramaiah in a series of tweet listed five reasons why BJP should not be voted in the next elections. Among which he said that BJP is the most corrupt government in the history of Karnataka, ran an unstable govt. with 3 CMs in 5 years, have no respect for the freedom, no commitment for peace and doesn’t keeps the promises it makes”.

Along with BJP and Congress the third-party JD (S) have also released the Party’s manifesto today and promised the farm loan waiver within 24 hours of taking oath, if wins in election.


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