I am obsessed with Taimur, says Ranbir Kapoor about nephew

Not just the country is flattered by the royal kid Taimur but also his family members cannot get enough of him. The star kid of Kareena Kapoor and Ranbir Kapoor is incredibly cute.

In a recent interview to the entertainment journalist Rajeev Masand, actor Ranbir Kapoor said he is one of the biggest fan of Taimur. He confessed that he himself stalk Taimur in the photos available online.

He said, “To be honest, I stalk his pictures because I am also obsessed. Because when you see him it just warms your heart. And when he has his haircut or how he walks….. I am a Taimur fan”.

He added, “I have had the opportunity and the good fortune to hold him and it felt quite surreal. It felt like holding royalty”.

Talking about his childhood memories, Ranbir also talked about the fame they gathered being the child of super star Rishi Kapoor. He said, “We had our own share of public spotlight. Of course, camera phones weren’t there, paparazzi wasn’t there. The kind of attention you got in school, when you went outside, people knew that me and my sister were Rishi Kapoor’s children. It feels good in a way that people looked at us in a nice way. We had a nice time basking in our parents’ glory”.

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