Highlights of the last leg of Karnataka Campaigning, 52 BJP road show in 150 constituencies

With just two days left for the most awaited Karnataka Assembly election 2018, the BJP and Congress are giving their last attempt to woo the voters. The land of Karnataka will mark the hectic activities on the ground today. The top BJP leaders, union ministers and chief ministers will hold 52 road rallies with 2 hours on average as per the plan. While Congress leader includes Rahul Gandhi with Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah addresses a press conference where attacked the BJPs move towards dalit and other minority manifesto.

PM Narendra Modi addresses Scheduled caste, scheduled tribes and slum Morcha workers where he thanked all the morcha workers and backed BJP stand for taking forward the SC/ST and minority community.

Highlighting the development of SC/ST, PM Modi appealed to all the BJP workers to assure the deprived section of the society that BJP will work for their welfare tirelessly by visiting their place and assuring their welfare especially for the women. BJP itself have most number of MPs in parliament that belongs to SC/ST, OBC and minority.

The BJP party president Amit Shah will hold the rally in the Badami constituency while the duo union minister Prakash Javedekar and Nirmala Sitharaman will address the public of Shantinagar, CV Raman Nagar.

However, the congress president Rahul Gandhi with the CM Siddaramaiah addressed the media where he attacks BJPs Dalit stand. Rahul said, “Narendra Modi doesn’t say anything when dalits are being killed across the nation while congress is raising dalit issues, that’s our job. When Rohith Vemula is killed, PM doesn’t say a word”.

He further added, “The BJP is in panic mode. They have realised that the congress is doing things differently. They have seen it in Gujarat. PM Modi want to distract. He makes personal attacks to distract from the issues. 2 crore youngsters promised jobs by the PM are standing in queues. Congress gave jobs to youth in Karnataka”.

The last time to close the campaign is 5pm till Thursday and the voting’s will start on 12th may which will pour out the hearts of the people and decide the future of Both the mega parties in Karnataka.


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