Hazardous height of pollution in Delhi NCR on Tuesday morning

An expert said, the quality of the air over the Indo-Gangetic came to unsafe level on Monday and persisted very poor on Tuesday morning as sluggish wind speeds prevented particulate matter or very small polluted particles from being flushed out of the region.

On the other hand, Southern India is enjoying a spell of good air due to settling of impurities cause of northeast monsoon showers.

At the Central Pollution Control Board’s Air Laboratory, A Saha said, “This, however, may be translating into worse air quality from north India.”

He added, “Moisture from south is entering the north and trapping pollutants near the surface.”

Conferring to the CPCB, Individual stations in national capital region and Delhi’ s air quality have been recorded by Air Quality Index (AQI) as high 446 at 9:30 am. Out of 19 monitoring stations in NCR, 12 found with severe air quality.

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As per the data from the CPCB, Delhi was the one of the poor with an AQI of 397, soaring towards the severe category with air quality amid 400-500. In Moradabad of Uttar Pradesh, air pollution levels are threatening to go off the charts with AQI of 478.

The national capital also perceived a cold foggy morning on Tuesday with Visibility dropping to 200 meters at 8:30am.

Saha also stated what Delhiites experienced in the Tuesday morning was smog and fog because of low level of sulphur dioxide.

The other key factor was burning the crops in the open field in the state of Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab, that will continue to the entire winter season.

People in Ghaziabad and Noida also have seen the hazardous height of pollution in the past 24 hours which seems doubtful to get better in the short of time.

Moradabad is the centre for recycling the waste where particularly, e-waste or electronic waste has been recycled and thus improper disposal particulars feed into the air and make air quality poor and polluted.

The recorded air has made problem worse with PM 2.5 levels captured a sudden jump to over 600 mg/m3 (Micrograms per meter cube), over 10 times prescribed limit. Rising level of the of the pollution for the long time is the cause for severe and deadly diseases particularly for respiratory problem such as lung and heart diseases. According to the doctors, even the children are affecting by the respiratory disease especially asthma and lungs problems in Delhi.

Delhi CM, Mr Arvind Kejriwal tweeted, “Delhi has become a gas chamber. Every year this happens during this part of year. We have to find soln to crop burning in adjoining states.”

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