GST rate cut: 85 items including Sanitary napkins, washing machines gets cheaper, check the list

GST council held last week chaired by the Finance Minister Piyush Goyal marked the GST price cut on the 85 items. Items like sanitary napkins, Rakhi, marble has put down to zero from 18%, 12% while television, refrigerators, paints rates have been slashed from 28% to 18%.

Items slashed to zero from 5%, 12% and 18%

This category includes stone, marbles, wood deities, rakhi, sanitary napkins, coir pith compost, sal leaves, phool bhari jhadoo, khali dona.

Items slashed to 5% from 12%, 18%

Items like handloom dari, chenille fabrics under headings 5801, phosphoric acid, knitted cap, top not exceeding the value of Rs 1000, bamboo flooring, brass kerosene, hand-operated rubber roller.

The other items included in this category are Handmade carpets, lace, tapestries, braids and ornamental trimming in the piece, solid bio fuel and ethanol.

Items slashed to 18% from 28%

It includes items like paints and varnishes, refrigerators, freezing equipment like water coolers, washing machines, vacuum cleaner, electrical appliances like food grinders, mixers, television sets upto size of 68 cm, works trucks, trailers and semi-trailers, special purpose motor vehicles like crane lorries, fire fighting vehicles.




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