Google removes more than 500 apps from Play Store. Why?

Google has removed more than 500 apps from Play Store. Many apps out of the removed ones has more than 5 million downloads each. The reason behind is “one of the biggest-ever Android Ad fraud”. This decision came out after A US-based cyber-security firm “Lookout” found that more than 500 Apps listed on Google Play Store could spread spyware on mobile phones. This was reported late on Wednesday. According to Lookout, the apps used certain software which can access people’s personal data on their devices without alerting the app makers. This is also being termed as the most successful fraud as it took more than a year to be detected as the oldest version of the malware reportedly dates back to April 2016.

The impacted apps fall in the below categories:

  • Mobile games for teenagers
  • Weather apps
  • Online radio
  • Photo editing
  • Education
  • Health and fitness
  • Home video camera apps


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