From placing important chats on the top to adding conversation shortcut on the home screen, you can do more on WhatsApp

Did you want to place some of your important chats on the top of the WhatsApp list?  Or you want to create your favourite conversation shortcut on the home screen? The answer is yes with the updation of the new features on the WhatsApp. To keep your chats more interesting, safe and convenient, several new other features were added now.

To get your important chats on the top, you just have to long press on the specific chat and a dialogue box will appear in which ‘pin icon’ is the required option. It is just next to delete, mute and archive icons. Presently, you can pin only three contacts on the top of the conversation list.

For chatting with the favourite person in your list, you don’t have to open again and again the WhatsApp list to talk to them, just add conversation shortcut on the home screen. For that, long press their conversation and then select the three vertical line which appears.

Click further on the add shortcut option which will place the chat directly on the home screen and you can chat anytime to them without opening WhatsApp.

In case of any emergency situation, you can send your live location with just one click with your family and friends. Just like messenger, this feature rolled out in WhatsApp too. Click on the attachment icon and select location- the two options will appear- one ‘share live location’ and other ‘share your current location’. Tap on the first one with the time frame option of 15 minutes, 1 hour and 8 hours.

If you have mistakenly send the wrong message to the wrong person in a hurry, then don’t worry, you can delete the message as soon as 7 minutes after you send the message. There are two options available for this- ‘delete for me’ and ‘delete for everyone’- select the later one so that recipient can’t read that message.

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