Former Malaysian PM Najib Razak charged with abuse of power, criminal breach of trust

In a recent investigation held by the ruling government in Malaysia, former PM Najib Razak was held guilty with abuse of power and criminal breach of trust on Wednesday as more than billions of dollars were found missing from the state fund.

After he was held guilty, former Malaysian PM was stunned as he served the country for almost a decade. He was faced by the reporters outside the courtroom after releasing on a bail of 1 million-ringgit and former PM said that he believed in his innocence.

He said, “I believe in my innocence and this is the best chance to clear my name”. As he came out of the court room, huge numbers of reporters and onlookers were present in support of a man whose father is held in high regard.

Najib’s convoy to the court in Kauala Lumpur is broadcasted lively on the national television networks through the morning rush-hour traffic.

The corruption allegation on Najib revealed in 2015 that hundreds of millions of dollars were diverted from state fund to his personal account.

The respected life of former Malaysian PM came to end when Mahathir Mohamad took over the powers by winning the 2018 elections. Soon after he handle the office, Mahathir reopened the investigation into the state funds fraud and barred Najib to move out the country.

If Najib will be found guilty of the abuse of power and criminal breach, he will have to face the prison term with minimum 20 years with fine of five times the ‘value of gratification’.

The investigation is yet not completed according to the Malaysian’s attorney general and more charges could pop out by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission. The judges handling the case ordered a temporary gag to stop public discussion related to the case. Najib’s lawyers have said their client has been dragged through a trail by the media.

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