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Fog hits flight operations at Delhi

On Thursday, nearly 200 flights were delayed to the huge fog. The departure of the flights from Delhi airport was shut down about two hours in the morning till 9:30 am. The shutdown creates lots of inconvenience to passengers. Departures were halted, arrivals were still continued at the airport.10 flights were diverted during this period, especially pilots were not commanded with low visibility landing procedures.

Minimum visibility of 125 meters are required for safe flight operations. However, require minimum visibility is 50 meters at Delhi airport which has India’s most efficient instruments landing system.Fog affected the operation in Delhi all over the day which created problems to passengers and put passengers in huge distress.

The BJP official general secretary Ram Madhav tweeted “CAT3 etc notwithstanding, stuck in the aircraft for last 3 Hrs at Delhi airport with absolutely no information ATC too unable to tell when the flight will get clearance. Fog in Delhi can cripple aired movement at 12 noon. No technology can conquer nature”.

The airline executive said that “the airlines do not allow passengers to board the flight till there is no hope for departures. Flights are boarded in batches depending upon their timings. But problems arise when these flights get delayed even after boarding.”

The official explained that “Once the passengers get the board in flight, there is still no easy way to get passengers off the aircraft if the delay continues, as they have to clear security. “ 

Vistara chief strategy and commercial officer Sanjiv Kapoor also tweeted “in response to a passenger complaint, that passengers were stranded in the flight due to queuing up of aircraft.”

Fog shuts down flight opera
Fog shuts down flight operation | National News

According to a report, the official “airfares from the Delhi airport to key domestic destination on an average increased 28% on Thursday as flight operations were impacted by dense fog and poor visibility conditions. As per Ixigo, the hike in last minute fares was the highest on the Delhi-Kolkata route, where ticket prices jumped 47%, while the Delhi-Pune route had the lowest increase at 11%. Fares for Mumbai rose 28% and that for Chennai went up by 34%.


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