First $1 trillion crowned company in history

To reach the mark of plus $100 billion dollar is still a major challenge for uncountable companies worldwide but here is the only one major company who has crossed the milestone of even $1 trillion and with not much surprise it is Silicon valley based Apple.

On August 2, Apple became the first listed US company to cross the $1 trillion as it established its well-defined position by jumping into iPhone market in 2006 from being a niche player in personal computers earlier.

The unexpected rise in the June quarter of shares to the gain of 9% brought back $20 billion profit to Apple. Since July 31 the stock jumper to 2.8% and reach as high as $207.05.

Apple started in 1976 from a small garbage by co-founder Steve Jobs who pushed his revenue to various other countries and as a result, it modulated the way how consumers connect along with each other and how daily businesses were conducted across the world.

In 2011, the company lost its CEO as Steve Jobs died and after that, he was succeeded by Tim Cook who has taken forward Apple’s profit to double but in recent years, the company has been experiencing decrease in the iPhone sales.

Before the launch of iPhone launch in 2016, Apple has managed to collect only $20 billion sale with net profit of $ 2 billion but till 2017, the sales have increased to more than 11 fold to $229 billion with the swell to $48.4 billion thus making it the most profitable listed Us company.

Apple is considered to be one of the five major US companies since 1980 but the legacy would not be continued if the company doesn’t find major new products and services giving tough competition to rivals Alphabet or Amazon.




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  1. […] The technology giant Apple has crossed the mark of $1 billion on August 2 and following their footsteps, Amazon too has crossed the milestone mark of $1 trillion on Tuesday. Most surprisingly, Apple got there after 38 years of its establishment while Amazon blistering growth make it to achieve $1 trillion club within 21 years of its set-up. […]

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