FIFA World Cup 2018, Belgium vs Panama, 3-0 comfortable win by Belgium

The outstanding performance by the Dries Mertens and Romelu Lukaku gives a comfortable win of Belgium by 3-0 win against World Cup debutant Panama at the Fisht Stadium on Monday. The first half of the match show a competitive approach of both the team as Panama held Belgium at bay immediately after the restart but Martens broke the deadlock.

In the first half, Belgium attacked the opponents back to back but Panama defence passed the test with flying colours. Even though the experienced Belgians enjoyed the final win, continuous interruption to break the flow by the Panama team is worth to watch.

The Red devils get the opportunity of the seven corners but the Panama defence denied them to make it to cash in. The first half marked the performance of Panama keeper Jaime Penedo as he saves some fantastic goals making the opponents to get frustrated.

Just after the second half, Belgian Dries Mertens made a goal thus making an opening by 1-0 after which Romelu Lukaku scored twice for the seven minutes and snatch the game on their side. Finally, a great sweep over by given by the Lukaku again by lifting the ball over Penedo and giving a win of 3-0 to the team.

The result gives the Belgium team a comfortable win, but they need to gear up their game for the final third while it was a good show from the Panamanian side, especially in the first half of the match.

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