Facebook, Twitter opens up before US Congress for upcoming elections privacy

Social Media Giants Facebook and Twitter answered the multiple questions asked by the US Congress on Wednesday as they were asked about the strategies adopted to prevent foreign interference in the upcoming elections around the world.

The move by US intelligence agencies comes as an advance move to save the privacy of the elections in the world. In 2016, it has been alleged that Russia interfered in the US Presidential election but it was later on denied by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a summit.

On Wednesday, Facebook Chief Operating Officer, Shreyl Sandberg and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey presented before the US Congress.

When asked to Sandberg about the steps taken on Intelligence for the elections to be held in future by the Senate Select committee, he said, “We are focussed on the upcoming US midterms and on elections around the world. Our efforts in recent elections from Germany to Itlay to Mexico to Alabama Special Senate Election show us that the investments we are making are yielding results”.

He further added, “We also know that we cannot stop interference by ourselves. We’re looking with outside experts, industry, partners and governments, including law enforcement, to share information about threats and prevent abuse”.

However, Twitter representative Jack Dorsey told about the plans they adopted recently to tackle the false news on their platform. He talked about removing fake twitter accounts on a continuous basis.

Dorsey said, “We’ve seen positive results from our work. we’re now removing over 200 percent more accounts for violating our policies. We’re identifying and challenging 8 to 10 million suspicious accounts every week, and we’re thwarting over a half million accounts from logging in to Twitter every single day”.

Jack Dorsey said that they have learnt many lessons from the recently held Mexican elections and opened a new portal for the journalists and governmental law enforcement to report them in case of any suspicious behaviour seen, so that they can take the best possible steps to tackle it.



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