Elon Musk built a ‘kid-sized submarine’ for rescue of Thailand soccer team

Tesla and Space X CEO, Elon Musk built a Kid-sized submarine using the liquid oxygen for the trapped Thailand boy soccer team and shared its photos and videos on social media. The rescue team includes former Thai military officials, various thinkers and engineers who would lead the boys through the cave passage which is completely submerged.

The video shared by Elon Musk on twitter clearly showed that the testing of the kid sized submarine underwater in a swimming pool in Los Angeles. Elon said that he is consulting the cave experts in Thailand for the escape of the new pod design of the submarine that might be successful enough to try.

He said, “Also building an inflatable tube with air locks. Less likely to work, given tricky contours, but great if it does”.

Talking about the submarine given to the Thai cave experts, he said, “Primary path is basically a tiny, kid-sized submarines using the liquid oxygen transfer tube of Falcon rocket as hull. Light enough to be carried by 2 divers, small enough to get through narrow gaps. Extremely robust”.

Till now four boys were rescued from the cave while eight boys and their coach were still struck in a flooded cave of northern Thailand. The rescued boys are in good health and recovering in hospital now.

According to the authorities, the mission for the rescue will take four days to complete and it was headed by Narongsak Osottanakorn who said that they would bring the fittest people in the group first.

It has been more than two weeks when Thailand soccer team with their coach were struck in the Tham Luang Nang Non cave in northern Thailand and with the rainstorms or other complications, they are forced to stop there. Therefore, rescue team are worried due to diminishing oxygen supply and the approaching monsoon season as they speed up the rescue work.

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