‘Either restore Taj Mahal or demolish it’, Supreme Court to Government

The Supreme Court on Wednesday gives an ultimatum to the Uttar Pradesh Government and other authorities expressing anger for the restoration of the epic monument Taj Mahal. The apex court said to either restore the Taj mahal or demolish it.

They said, “You can shut down the Taj. You can demolish it if you like and you can also do away with it if you have already decided. No action plan or vision document has come yet. Either you demolish it (Taj) or you can restore it”.

The SC bench headed by the justice Madan B Lokur and Deepak Gupta ask both the centre and UP government for the quick action. For the last 31 years, SC has been continuously monitoring the preservation of the world heritage by passing series of orders from time-to-time but the recent reports showed that the monument is in deteriorating conditions with green and blue patches which clearly shows rising pollution and poor maintenance.

The SC further added that the government and authorities have allowed the industries to be set up around Taj Mahal which is adding pollution to the area and the Charmian of the Taj Trapezium Zone with the Commissioner of Agra are ordered to report the court and explain why the industries are spreading their legs to the nearby areas of the monuments as against its order.

Citing the example of the Eiffel Tower of Paris, Supreme Court said that how it can maintain its beauty despite of attracting eight times more tourist than Taj Mahal. Thus, the centre is directed to file an affidavit and gives the explanation to the apex court within two weeks of all their plans to protect the Taj Mahal in future.

Noting that the Archaeological Survey of India has failed its duty to protect Taj Mahal, Supreme Court said that they are not properly handling their duty for the maintenance of the monument and the court will consider to pass on to some other organisation to protect the 17th century heritage.

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