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Donald Trump hired 3rd National security adviser John R. Bolton

US President Donald Trump hired John R Bolton as the new security adviser of the nation on Thursday replacing Lt. Gen. H.R. Mcmaster. He will be the third national security adviser.

The move will result to bring the most hawkish National security team in the history.  Bolton called for an action against Iran and North Korea.

Mr.Bolton will take office from April 9. He was although surprised with the presidential move. Speaking to the Fox media, he said, “this hasn’t sunk in”.

He further declined to speak about Iran, Russia and North korea.

President Trump passed a statement in the twitter yesterday by welcoming the new security adviser of the country and thankful for the General McMaster tenure who did an outstanding job.

Mr Bolton have already served in the George W. Bush administration. He served as the ambassador to the United Nations. In a recent interview, he said that he will paly the role of an honest broker who will bring different views in front of the president and Mr Trump will decide accordingly.

When the president will take the final decision, it is his duty to make sure the Bureaucracies will get the decision and will implement it effectively.

Bolton criticized the former work done by the national security team by saying, “The president cannot conduct diplomacy is some munchkin in the white house is leaking information to the news media which will be simply unacceptable”.

Lindsey Graham, Senator of the South Carolina said, “selecting John Bolton as national security adviser is good news for America’s allies and bad news for America’s enemies”.

He added, “Bolton has a firm understanding of the threats we face from North Korea, Iran and radical Islam”.

With the shuffling in the cabinet with the new security adviser and Mike Pompeo as the secretary of the state , the policy will be more aggressive than ever before and everything will be left out to president’s gut instincts.

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