Despite Digital India initiative, Just 25% adults using the internet

Giving a setback to the Digital India initiative, only one-fourth of the Indian youth are reported to use the internet in 2017, which is lowest in the world as reported by the Pew Research Centre.

The survey is conducted across the 37 countries showing South Korea at the top with 96% of the adults using the internet. Most of the countries showed good performance in the survey while countries like India and Sub-Saharan Africa has to catch up with others.

According to the survey, there is an increase of 10% among the adults who have smartphone ownership while social media usage went up from 8 to 20% during the same time.

A shocking figure shows that about 80% of the world population have no idea about Facebook or Twitter while 78% of the adults do not own a smartphone.

The countries which have significant internet penetration rates are Europe, North America, UK, France, Germany, France and Spain.

There has been a steady increase in the internet usage over the past five years among 19 emerging and developing economies surveyed.

In 2017, about 67% people were online while among the 17 advanced economies surveyed has remained relatively flat with 87% people across the nation these nations using the internet.



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