Denmark bans Burqa, niqab and all full-face veil from August 1

On Thursday, Denmark government impose ban on clothes that covers face including all kinds of Islamic veils such as burqa, niqab which covers full-face. This is followed by the ban in many other European countries. The ban will come into effect from August 1.

The law to ban Burqa and Niqab was passed in the Danish Parliament by a majority of 75-30 vote and the law was presented by the Denmark’s centre-right governing coalition. However, according to the Danish government, the new bill doesn’t aim at any particular religion and exception for the headscarves, turbans or the Jewish skull cap is there.

After the introduction of the law, Martin Hensriksen said, “The parliament has clearly stated that the burqa and niqab do not belong in Denmark. They are incompatible with Danish culture and the foundations on which Denmark is built”.

In case of the violation of the law, a fine of 1,000 Kroner (Rs 10,595) will be charged but no forceful action would be taken to remove veils from the women by any legal authority and they would rather be asked to go home in case they live nearby.

When the bill was proposed in the February, Justice Minister Pape Poulsen said, “It is incompatible with the values of the Danish society or the respect for the community to keep the face hidden when meeting each other in the public space”.

Denmark is not the first country to impose ban on the burqa as it is already implemented in many of the European countries. In 2011, France became the first country in Europe to ban the Burqa followed by the Belgium and in 2016, a partial burqa ban was imposed in Netherland. In October 2016 Austria government ban the use of burqa and last year German Parliament too imposed a partial burqa ban.


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