Delhi Metro second most unaffordable rides after Hanoi in world: CSE Report

The Centre for Science and Environment (CSE) released a report recently according to which Delhi Metro is labelled as the second most unaffordable rides after Metro rides in Hanoi.

The recent report is based on the study which says that the average travellers spends about an average of 14% of their monthly income on Delhi Metro rides which is second most high figure of 25% in Hanoi.

Among the commuters, about 30% spent more than 19.5% of their monthly income in Metro. The recent fare hike last year in the Delhi Metro is the major factor in the drop of passenger of 46%.

Although, it was projected to reach 39.5 lakh riders in 2018, the actual figure just reaches to just 27 lakhs at present. While addressing at a conclave on Towards clean and low carbon mobility, CSE Anumita Roy Chowdhury expressed shock for the two phase hike in the fair of Delhi Metro.

She said, “Should metros seek to meet their future costs of loan repayment and other fixed from fares? Or should they look at other financing methods and nonfare revenue? This is not just Delhi metro but about a cohesive policy for all metros”.



Row further stressed that earlier there was no gap between earnings and operating expenses but after the Forth Fare Fixation Committee’s meeting, the gap increases that accounted on the passengers by unfair hike in the Metro fair.

The CSE report also unveil that 30% of the daily passengers of Delhi Metro has an income of Rs 20,000 and they spend about 19.5% of their income as the metro fair to reach their destination.

However, explaining the Fair hike, Varsha Joshi, Delhi’s transport commissioner said that, ‘if you don’t increase fares, the quality fails”. She further said that Delhi Metro is a part of an indexed and graded system so that, “politics can’t enter that equation”.



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