Cow vigilantism, mob lynching unacceptable no matter what the motive: Supreme Court

With a strict nod, the Supreme Court today have said that the incidents like cow vigilantism and Mob lynching are not acceptable and to link such incidents with religion or caste will not be tolerable as ‘a victim is a victim’

The top court said that cow vigilantism causes lynching or because people believed that someone is a child abductor but it doesn’t matter as lynching is a crime.

The three-judge bench headed by the chief justice of India Deepak Mishra said, “Nobody can take law into their hands. It is obligation of the states to see these incidents are prevented”.

Stating cow vigilantism as a mob violence, the top court has reserved its verdict by fixing responsibility.

Last year on September 6, Supreme Court had directed all the states to take strict actions against violence behind cow protection and appointed senior officials to act promptly to check cow vigilantes as they are ‘law unto themselves’.

The action from the apex court came as a result of numerous incidents occurs within few months. 27 people were killed in the last two months from 13 incidents of lynching where rumours were spread through WhatsApp about suspected child lifters and kidnappers. On Sunday, five people were murdered at Dhule village in north Maharashtra.

In May, a man was beaten to death by the group of people for allegedly slaughtering a cow in Satna district while in last month, a mob lynched a man and injured his friend over rumours of cow slaughter in Hapur, Uttar Pradesh.

The action against the cruel violence came as a result of the petition filed by Tushar Gandhi, great grandson of Mahatma Gandhi last year. He called for the action against the cow vigilantism. Another petition was filed by Congress’s Tehseen Poonawalla. They both asked the government to frame a national policy for checking violence in the name of the cow.

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  1. […] The effectiveness of the fake messages on WhatsApp becomes dominant as one group can accommodate up to 256 people and those people can easily circulate the news to other groups thus linking a long chain by creating a havoc and this exactly happens for the past few days. As a result of which, mob are directed to create violence to a huge level. […]

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