Coach Ravi Shastri to Virat Kohli’s squad- closer to be the best visiting team

Indian Cricket team coach Ravi Shastri on Wednesday displayed a don’t-care attitude in a press conference after the much needed win of the team by 203 run against England in Nottingham. Although his answers are somewhat doubtful, but still they are fun listening to.

When asked about what was going in the head of Indian team while reverting back after the two defeat, he said that they were disappointed with the first two defeat and wanted to show up. He asked the team to show up some accountability and he is proud that they actually did that and competed positively against the opponents.

After the two defeat, he directed the Indian team to have less practise and more mental rest to clear their head and display accountability.

Ravi Shastri further told about the atmosphere that was created after India won the third match. He said it is only a match there is still a series to be played but the team believe that they can win anywhere in the world as they approach to become the best visiting team in the world.

To go against the team like South Africa, England and Australia and win against them is the strength of the Indian team added shashtri.

According to Shastri, this is the most clinical win of Indian team in his four years of experience as a coach. He said that winning against South Africa was a nasty job but to win against England team, Indian team stood up and done well in all the three departments.

When asked if he was surprised when England choose to field after winning the toss, he said that he was prepared to face that as the opponent played cheap bowling tricks in the last match but going against the flow, Indian team showed a tremendous efforts and came out with flying colours.



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